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wednesday 06 june 1990


True friends stab you in the front.
Oscar Wilde


Tags: pirate, stabbing, machete, mouse, ship, guts,watercolorur,ink,1990, spine, heart, ripped open

All my reddit sketchdaily drawings and doodles

march 17 2011 to december 26 2018


Tags: Sketchsdaily

All my redditgetsdrawn portraits

december 27 2012 to november 30 2018


Tags: ballpoint, expressions, redditgetsdrawn, scanner, video


Saturday May 6 2015 12:01:00

link to redditgetsdrawn thread

Tags: ballpoint, expressions, redditgetsdrawn, scanner, video

How to draw a samurai sturgeon

Saturday May 5 2015 12:01:00


This video shows how I made these drawings of a samurai surgeon


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Tags: cgmusic, how to, samurai, sticker, sturgeon, tshirt, video

Ell ou enn enn

Saturday May 4 2015 12:01:00


An animation I made when I was a student on the hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht. It was a class project based on the text-sound poem London Onion (1946) by Kurt Schwitters. Each part would be individually made by a student and start and end with the same phrase which where arbitrary divided between the students. later they where all cut together in one long movie. Unfortunately I only digitized my part and I have no idea what happened to the whole tape. Probably somewhere in the library at the hogeschool voor de kunsten.


Tags: animation, cgmusic, hogeschool voor de kunsten, Kurt Schwitters, London Onion, text-sound poem, Utrecht, video


Saturday May 4 2015 12:01:00


A quick ballpoint sketch for a reddit sketchdaily thread with the theme wings

Link to reddit sketchdaily thread

Tags: ballpoint, face, portrait, reddit, sketchdaily, girls with wings, duckgirl, birds with female bodies


Saturday April 12 2015 12:10:00


All zodiac drippings


Tags: scorpio, scorpion, water, fire, earth, pisces, fish, cancer, crab, sagittarius, archer, leo, lion, zodiac, air, aquarius, water-bearer, gemini, twins, libra, scales, capricorn, mountain, sea-goat, taurus, bull, virgo, maiden, aries, ram


Saturday April 11 2015 12:10:00


Linoneum cuts from The Odyssey. The ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer


Tags: Aiolos, Arete, athena, circe the enchantress, cyclops, homer, Laestrygonians, linocut, odysseus, Odyssey, scylla, Tiresias, underworld, Zeus

Diverse faces sketch

Saturday April 11 2015 12:00:00


Diverse face sketches made on a boogie board for the sketchdaily subreddit

Link to sketchdaily thread

Tags: boogieboard, faces, reddit, sketch, sketchdaily

Upstairs Downstairs

Wednesday April 8 2015 12:00:00


music composed by cgmusic


Tags: animation, cgi, cgmusic, fun, music, pilman, video

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